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Monday 18th February

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Ghost Legends of Miskin Manor


Given the rich history of Miskin Manor Hotel, it is unsurprising that ghost legends surround us.

Whilst our guests report nothing but excellent service and a good night’s sleep, staff have reported seeing a female ghostly spirit in the bar area between midnight and 1am, although none are alarmed by her presence. Our hotel porter has long grown used to seeing her.

There used to be a staircase where the current bar is situated – it is believed the ghostly inhabitant is simply walking a path she regularly walked at night.

The Oak Room is also said to be the location of many hauntings within the hotel, a ghostly figure believed to be the Lord of the original manor house is often spotted here.

From time to time other spirits have made their presence felt to staff, who have previously claimed to have seen a family of ten ghosts sat around a dinner table and the ghost of a little girl playing in the garden.

As haunted hotels go, far from being spooky, Miskin Manor Hotel is a relaxing and beautiful place to stay. However, for those with a passion for exploring such matters, there is certainly enough history and legend to make us worth a visit!


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